MTC Serum Drum Archive – Free Refill for Xfer Nerve


This free refill for Xfer Nerve contains:
– 6 nerve drum kits with drum samples from my Serum Drum Archive Part II (usable for all kinds of electronic music, but each one has a special focus: Chillout, Electronica, House, HipHop, Dubstep, DNB)
– 15 kit patterns (for the 6 focus genres listed above), each kit containing 16 samples (4 kicks, 4 snares and 8 open/closed hihats and/or crashes)
– 6 machine state presets, each one containing one of the 6 nerve kits listed above and 2-3 of the 15 kit patterns listed above

Get it here:


If you want 300 MB of free drum samples ready for use in any sampler, get the Serum Drum Archive Part II (380 drum samples) here: